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  • : Relai d'informations dans la protection animale, l'écologie mais aussi les injustices sociales, l'atteinte aux libertés. Chaque jour nous rappelle que l'homme n'est pas seulement un loup pour l'homme, c'est aussi un prédateur pour toute la création ...
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12 août 2008 2 12 /08 /août /2008 15:45
Suite au courier envoyé ce jour au ministre de la culture et du tourisme turc concernant le "nettoyage" des rues de la ville de Kars, sa réponse ne s'est pas faite attendre :

Dear Ms/Mr …

I am very much saddened by your email, and felt obligated to reply you in person.

I cannot justify the cruelty against animals or against any form of life. Nor I could ask for forgiveness.

Nothing could be more sacred than life itself.

I am deeply sorrowed.

We, proud humans, do always talk about harmonizing with the nature, build environmental management systems and certify, pretend to be a part of the ecology. But still, we cannot slow down the ‘most advanced living’ on earth, us, from savaging on life. Life in all forms.

Dog-fights, bull-fights, animal testings, factory farming… The list never ends. Just within the last decade, millions of fowl and cattle were terminated by human hands.

Yet, all this is not enough for inhumanity. Human lives, even in the middle of Europe, are being taken methodically, in front of our eyes. Civilians, are killed remotely, with the ‘state-of-the-art’ machinery, before they even know they were dying.

I remember a news broadcast, in which the overjoyed reporter was telling about the newly developed missile that could penetrate into deep underground shelters. Elaborate methods of taking lives even in refuge!

This hurts. This must hurt.

It does not matter, whether we are a part of the ‘civilized world’ and ‘authorized to criticize’ or among the ‘contemptible people’ of developing countries, we must stand against the organized reproduction of death. Defend life against inhumanity, without making selections, without taking preferences or making excuses... Unconditionally.

We have been sharing our house with them for over 20 years. We had named them Yodi, Miscia and Marcvs. But all these names diminish in time; they become our ‘son’, ‘daughter’ or even ‘sister’ instead. I know the affectionate but helpless look in their lucid eyes. The happiness they add to our lives. And how something breaks in you, when they fly away.

So I am, once again, wounded by the pictures, which have drawn you to sending an email.

Albeit displayed as concentration camps on the web, these dog-shelters in question have been first established by the animal-lovers’ initiative, with the help of local municipalities. My own son, was among the many who were carrying food to these shelters. But unfortunately, the number of four-legged guests in the shelters, has been increasing geometrically, making it almost impossible to give them proper space and care in the cities.

We, animal-lovers are very responsible for this increase, too. Sterilization is not a very common practice in our country. Resulting number of puppies -and kittens, are more than we can ever look after.

As a minister, I am not directly connected with these severe, hurting happenings, but as a person, as someone who has felt the heartbeats of these babies on his fingertips, I take my share from the blame.

I will try my best to raise funds for these animal shelters, and warn those responsible to avoid such sad events.

I would like to thank you for sharing your  doubts with us. Now, we need your support, to create a better environment for our friends. Your corroboration will definitely encourage the volunteers working in these shelters.

Respectfully yours,

Ertugrul Günay

Je manque de temps pour vous en faire une traduction fidèle. La réponse de ce ministre est touchante et emprunte d'humanité.

En clair, ce mail l'a beaucoup attristé et interpelé et c'est la raison pour laquelle il répond en personne. Il défend la vie et considère que rien ne peut justifier la cruauté envers les animaux, et parle de ses propres animaux familiers, de son fils qui s'est lui-même occupé de nourrir des chiens errants ...
Il rappelle qu'il est peu concerné par ce sujet dans sa fonction de ministre mais qu'en tant que personne, il endosse sa part du "blâme" que représente cette horreur.

La fin de son courrier dit ceci :

"Je ferai de mon mieux pour soulever des fonds pour ces abris pour les animaux, et pour avertir les responsables afin d'éviter de tels événements tristes.

Je voudrais vous remercier de partager vos doutes avec nous. Maintenant, nous avons besoin de votre appui, pour créer un meilleur environnement pour nos amis. Votre confirmation encouragera certainement les volontaires travaillant dans ces abris."

Je remercie ce ministre d'avoir pris la peine de répondre aussi sincèrement. Si vous recevez une telle réponse, prenez la peine d'envoyer un courrier de remerciements en retour.

N'oubliez pas que tout ce que vous faites afin d'interpeller les politiques, quelques soient les pays, a un poids immense et fait bouger les mentalités.

Le cinquième pouvoir au service de nos amis à poils et à plumes n'est pas qu'une utopie !!

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